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Tea Infuser Just A Simple Squeeze

Tea Infuser Just A Simple Squeeze

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The Tea Infuser Just A Simple Squeeze

1. Neat And Tidy

This easy-to-use tea infuser holds your tea bags and tea leaves neatly in place. Simply fill them in the spoon and let it seep in hot water.

2. Just A Simple Squeeze

With just a little squeeze, it can protect your fingers from the burns without having to dip your tea bags from time to time. You can also mediate the intensity of the flavor of your tea with this little perk!

3. Block Them All

Have a worry-free tea session with a perfectly-made drink! It has a mesh lid where even the tiniest bit of tea grounds won’t sneak into your drink.

4. Whisk Them Away

You can easily dispose of the used tea bags and tea leaves and clean everything up in less than a minute. Your next cup of tea won’t have to be too time-consuming anymore.

5. Compact and Adorable

It’s neither too big or too small. This product has the perfect size for every cup of tea.

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